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Co-Founder of Beyond the Beats
New York, NY
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Born and raised in New Jersey, Samir had the opportunity to be exposed to the epicenter of the east coast rave scene, New York City, at a young age.

Samir had been exposed to computer generated music by way of the Indian music that would flow through his home in his formative years.

“I’ll never forget my first rave in 2012 seeing Dada Life. I immediately made my way to the front rail and met a woman dressed in all neon and wearing kandi. She told me to just put

my hands up and feel the energy of the crowd around,” says Samir. “It was then that I knew that this culture is worth exploring. I didn’t realize how deep I would journey down the EDM world but I’m glad I had that moment in my life meeting that raver.”  

For Samir, the music, the culture and the experience all play equal parts in his love for the scene. He knew that he always wanted to be involved in the industry somehow. When he met Alec in university, he knew he found a partner and a best friend to take on this undertaking with.

Outside of Beyond the Beats, Samir works in Human Resources operations in New York City. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, traveling, DJing, hiking, working out, and reading.

Image by Zachary Smith
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