Episode 93

Diversity in Dance Music with Special Guest, Almass Badat

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Welcome to Episode 93 of Beyond the Beats! For this episode we are joined by a very special guest, Almass Badat.​

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Zhu, Yuna - Sky is Crying

Dom Dolla - Pump the Brakes

Metrik, Reija Lee - Cadence VIP


Almass is a curator, director, and strategist who uses art to inspire introspection, embrace fearlessness and unlock multi-potentialism. She has teamed up with the likes of Rinse FM, Netflix, Boiler Room, and most recently, is now a resident DJ for the BBC Asian Network. She even has her very own podcast, What is this Behaviour?


  • Other accolades include... A board member of the Soho House Committee; a Member of The Voting Academy for The BRIT Awards 2021; a judge for the British Podcast Awards 2021.

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News Analysis

Apple Spotlights Dance Music from Africa with their Isgubhu Platform

Cultural Dissection

Ways the music outlets can better help dance music consumers connect with the music they may not normally be exposed to. And ways consumers can find new genres and music.

  • For consumers...

    • Look in unorthodox spaces

    • Look on the ground in the immediate community

    • Ask friends to make you CDs :) - love language!!

    • Music in other mediums - ads, film scores

  • Music Outlets...

    • ​Let musicians curate and share their networks and communities, major corporations who are great at tech should lean more into the art itself. Work on the interfaces to make searching easier. Give people autonomy over when they want to explore or listen to one album. BUILD TRUST.


The importance of diversity in the dance music industry.


Samir: Pablo Fierro // Soundcloud // Instagram // Bangalor (track)

Alec: Zuma Dioyns // Soundcloud // Instagram // Bravo - Veryu Ya ft. Aguazarova (Zuma Dionys Remix) (track)

Almass: SURYA SEN // Soundcloud // Instagram // C U Later (track)


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