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Episode 89 w/ Bella Renee

TikTok's Impact on Songwriting with Special Guest, Bella Renee

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Welcome to Episode 89 of Beyond the Beats: A podcast about dance music news and culture. We're joined by a very special guest, Bella Renee!

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KSHMR - Around The World (feat. NOUMENN)

Wilkinson - Frontline

Wooli - The Core



Scorching and searing with her unrelenting vocality, Bella Renee is a rising talent of her residing Arizona home. Astonishing masses with the ability to draw-in, captivate, and emotionally connect instantly on several levels of life, her lyrics and vocals are a mainstay for many. Infusing the gripping sounds of indie, electronica, and other high energy genres with her heartfelt and fervent words; this artist has an eye and ear for magnetic music.

Bella Renee dove into the electronic music world and released her first-ever single “New Normal” in August of 2020 with #1 Billboard charting Artist, TyDi, an upbeat and honest song that was featured in 30+ blogs and landed a spot in over 2,000 playlists including a big milestone of Spotify editorial playlists as well. She has another single out with Wish I Was written for the platform, Tiktok. Expect a variety of features from the Electronic Music World in 2021 with top names. 

  • Some of her accolades...

    • Published on Universal Music​

    • Headline performance at 2020 AASC

    • AZ Diamondbacks National Anthem 2020

    • Mesa Music Festival 2018 and 2019


The impact of TikTok on songwriting

  • Does it hurt or help artists?

  • Have you found a formula for going viral on TikTok?

Mental health in the music industry

Female representation in the music scene


Samir: JKuch // Soundcloud // Instagram // Data Loss (ft. Adam Tell) (track)

Alec: SOMMA // Spotify // Instagram // Howling (track)

  • Came out of nowhere in July 2020!​

Bella: Ekonovah // Soundcloud // Instagram // The Beginning (track) 

  • Just launched his brand new debut sound with his own vocals! 


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