Episode 83

Season Finale, Special Guest Jason Euler, New Dillon Francis and TV Noise, and more

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Welcome to Episode 83, the 2020 season finale! What an episode do we have for you this week.  

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TV Noise, Dillon Francis - Festival Bangers For When Festivals Start Again Because There Are No Festivals EP

Cristoph - SFB

SG Lewis, Rhye - Time

Dillon Nathaniel - Knee Deep


We discuss many amazing topics. Ranging from his background to the trends he sees in EDM. Jason is at the forefront and there was no one better than him to end our season with. 

Jason has founded Kinekt, an online virtual experience to receive mentorship from top music industry professionals such as 3LAU, Henry Fong, Kap Slap, Elephante, and many more. He also founded MOON LVNDING - a dance music blog. 


Ontop of his ventures, he also is the Experience Creator at Relentless Beats, an innovative independant promotion company, and manages up-and-coming artists such Ekonovah, Bella Renee, tyDi, Ryan Sheperd, and R3LL.


Connect with Jason on:

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Jason: [Align] // Soundcloud // Instagram // daydreaming (song)

Samir: Deft // SoundCloud // Instagram // For Sudden (song)

Alec: HABITAAT // Soundcloud // Instagram // Circle (song)