Episode 37

Special Guest Colin Vlasak - Cofounder of FUXWITHIT - RL Grime Halloween 8 Mix, New Quix EP, UK Police Allow a 12 Hour Rave, Rezz x Malaa, and more

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Welcome to Episode 37!

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Colin: TNGHT: Dollaz

  • TNGHT’s 2nd Single

  • Classic TNGHT and trap sounds

  • Vocal loop is addictive, percussion insane, hypnotic energy and bass in bangin’



  • Co-founder of FUXWITHIT

  • Grew up on hip-hop

  • Fell in love with electronic music around EDM wave 2010/2011 (David Guetta & Riverside)

  • Trap cemented love

  • Wanted to start a blog for years before

  • Started FUXWITHIT with no idea what we were doing, no connections after co-founder Kash texted me at Yeezus concert with the name

  • First few years learning (how to use wordpress, improving writing, etc.)

  • Found our place as a voice of the underground, pushing forward thinking sounds

  • Guest Mix Series & premiere have been big for FUXWITHIT recently

  • Also do freelance PR and writing for artists

  • DJ as well

FUXWITHIT: WebsiteInstagramTwitterFacebookYouTubeSoundcloudFUXWITHIT Fridays on Spotify (Spotify playlist).


Dog Blood - Midnight Hour (Louis The Child Remix)

Herobust - Smoke

Dj Ride - Meraki EP

  • Out on Craze’s Slow Roast Records, Premiered on FUXWITHIT. Even features a scratch tool at end showcasing turntablist roots

Rezz, Malaa - Criminals

Getter - Heartless

Boombox Cartel - All I Want


Colin: The Underground Is Thriving

  • Incredible underground movement right now.

  • Feel this is born out of the oversaturation and mainstream success of EDM in years prior

  • There’s a ton of incredible artists collectives, labels and blogs pushing this forward

  • Collectives/labels: phuture, Below The Surface, Jadu Dala, Quality Goods Records, Lost Dogz, Partica Artist Group, Myopic Sound

  • Blogs: FUXWITHIT, Noiseporn, Electric Hawk

Collaboration is key. Everyone is working together to see each other win. Labels doing collaborative projects, artists collabing or working to help put each other on. Everyone just has the same vision and goals to get music out in the world.

Everyone needs to keep supporting each other. The bigger we get, the bigger everyone gets.

  • We’re all working towards one goal


RL Grime Halloween 8 Mix

Police allowed an illegal rave to carry on for 12 hours in England

Mr. Carmack quietly dropping a song day for past 20ish days
On his Instagram, he is tying each track to a specific chromosome and explaining his reasoning behind each one


Quix - IDK EP

Alison Wonderland x QUIX - TIME (Yvng Jalapeño Remix)

Noizu - For Your Soul


Colin: anti // [Soundcloud] ( // Instagram // anti. - user (track)

Alec: Algo // Soundcloud // Twitter // PINGAZ (Algo Remix) (track)

Samir: DWAM // Soundcloud // Instagram // Yes Sire (track)

    • Just dropped debut EP (Premiered on FUXWITHIT)

    • Fusing classic trap sounds with experimental bass

    • Found him this in a wuki mix from song cali cali. Classic Biggie flip

    • Supported by Wuki, Alison Wonderland Radio and now has an ID in Boombox Cartel’s DIA DE LOS MUERTOS IV

  • Has some tracks that chill you out like Clockwork (also a great song)