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Episode 155

 EDC Mexico Lineup, New Chris Lake, Playing the Perfect DJ Set, and more 
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Welcome to Episode 155 of Beyond the Beats: a podcast about dance music news and culture.

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Alec: Ashibah - Give It Up


Note: New to this year, we will be rating each of the songs in the new music section!

Troyboi - Talk To Me Nice

  • Alec: Off of his long 7-track EP, INFLUENDO

Flume - Slugger 1.4 (2014 Export.WAV)

Black Sun Empire, Rido - Timelords

Chris Lake (ft. Aatig) - In The Yuma



EDC Mexico drops their lineup for 2023

Rotating Topic of the week: EDM Champion question for us

  • Question from Sammi on Instagram - What is the art of DJing? What makes a good DJ set and how do artist’s productions feed into that?

Note: The rotating topic segment is new to this season of the show! Every week there will be a different topic. Topics rotate between a history lesson, live event or culture stories, a blind question for Alec or Samir, or Anti-Plur.


Samir: Diskull // Soundcloud // Instagram // Twitter // Human feat. Echoes (Joel Cruz and Diskull remix) (track)

Alec: Azzecca // Soundcloud // Instagram // Twitter // I’ve Been Waiting


Shoutout to our main man Tyler Lawrence for creating our intro song! 

And a very special thank you to all of YOU - the EDM Champion community.


Your support week-in-week-out means the absolute world to us. It inspires us to continue growing the global community and, most importantly, connect as many people as possible with the very essence of dance music.

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