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EDC Las Vegas 2022 Special

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Welcome to Episode 136 of Beyond the Beats: a podcast about dance music news and culture. This is our EDC Las Vegas 2022 special episode.

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Note: New to this year, we will be rating each of the songs in the new music section!

Ghastly, Lil Jon - Dance

Sumthin sumthin, CloZee - Salt

Sub Zero Project, Diandra Faye - Nightmare Nirvana

Armin Van Buuren, Shapov - Let’s Rave, Make Love



This week, we're going around the speedway to take you in a whip-around preview of all the action going down. We will go day by day to mention who our top picks are and whom we think you should go see (or check out if you can't make it). 


Full Lineup | Official Playlist

Day 1: Alec's Picks

  • Favorite Act: Tale of Us

    • Song played during episode: Anyma - Running (this is 1/2 of Tale of Us but they play it together all the time)


Alec's 3 honorable mentions: Alix Perez b2b IMANU (DnB) | Nitepunk | Capozzi (Bass House)


Samir's 3 honorable mentions: Eric Prydz (progressive house) | Jayda G | Madeon (DJ Set)


Day 2: Samir's Picks


Alec's 3 honorable mentions: Hybrid Minds (Liquid DnB baby!!!) | Delta heavy b2b Koven b2b MuzzChapter & Verse

Samir's 3 honorable mentions: Alesso | Junkie Kid b2b GEO (hardstyle) | AIR2EARTH (Porter Robinson's live disco-house project)

Day 3: Alec's Picks

Samir's 3 honorable mentions: Zedd | Mat Zo | Anfisa Letyago

Alec's 3 honorable mentions: Friction b2b Kanine | Moore Kismet | Dom Dolla

EDC Memories

Samir's favorite memory: Seeing Porter Robinson during his World live show at my first EDC in 2017. Got to share that experience with Alec, who was also seeing Porter for the first time. 


Alec's: Figuring out how to even find Samir for that Porter Robinson Worlds set and the jubilation of finding your man amidst a wild crowd after being separated for a while.  


Samir: thook // Soundcloud // Instagram // Twitter // Menace to Society (track)

Alec: UNIIQU3 // Soundcloud // Instagram // Twitter // Body Pump (UNIIQU3 remix) (track)


Shoutout to our main man Tyler Lawrence for creating our intro song! Alec no longer hates our theme song!

And a very special thank you to all of YOU - the EDM Champion community.


Your support week-in-week-out means the absolute world to us. It inspires us to continue growing the global community and, most importantly, connect as many people as possible with the very essence of dance music.

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