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Co-Founder of Beyond the Beats
San Francisco, CA
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Moving from England to New Jersey and then on to San Francisco, Alec’s travels have exposed him to a variety of different cultures and people. 


Along the way, there’s one thing that Alec found to be true across the globe: The spirit of electronic music culture.


Image by Sankhadeep Barman

Alec’s love for EDM extends beyond the beats and derives from the sense of community, unity, and passion that comes with a concert or festival.


This passion for electronic music and culture - paired with his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build something greater than himself - is what led him to start Beyond the Beats with his partner in crime, Samir. 


Outside of Beyond the Beats, Alec works in the AdTech industry where he has co-founded a startup.


When not putting in time for his job or Beyond the Beats, Alec enjoys trips to Wine Country with his girlfriend, hiking, potentially stupid activities such as paragliding, geeking out over essays or studies, and getting overly amped up about Rugby. It's a confusing mix of characteristics and hobbies but that's kind of the point and is representative of his eclectic nature (which is also his favorite word).

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